Yvonne Andreini | Dinner with ghosts, 2020


For HOT MESS, Yvonne Andreini will exhibit a series of works from 2021 which are based on research exploring the contrasts between painting and drawing, as well as between logic and feeling. The reminiscences of the input of the brain in dialogue with feelings find their expression in “Multicolor brain”, a symbol of how logic and feelings can coexist both on an artistic level and in communication between human beings. 

Yvonne Andreini analyses the relationship with the past, with time, with the ghosts that inhabit our existence and with which we lovingly live together. A continuous feast made up of encounters of lines and spaces, painting and drawing, past and present; a dance with ghosts, as in “Dinner with ghosts” with the unknown, with the mystery of the mind.


Yvonne Andreini (b. Rome, 1985) Studied fine arts at the Berlin-Weißensee Academy of Art, majoring in drawing with Prof. Hanns Schimansky. Yvonne is the founder of the ex-project space LYNAR 4 and “piano alto”, Berlin, as well as the Festival for contemporary art IN/SU/LA. Yvonne lives and works in Berlin.

Ink and oil on canvas

160 x 130 cm


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