Super Model Services 3d I Real World Digital – FLOWERS, 2021


Fascinated by the idea of digitally expanding our natural habitat we have been developing materials, textures and surfaces for an imagined layer of reality. In FLOWERS we directed our focus on flowers and blossoms. A familiar element of our everyday life is placed in new contexts and provided with our artificial material vocabulary.

Reality and Digitality blur into one another by blending digital with analog aspects. New perspectives on familiar objects arise, which evoke new feelings that cause a distortion / change in our previous perception. Hyper-realistic materials make us question our reality.


SMS3D is a design studio for contemporary visual storytelling founded in Berlin by Frieda Femfert (b.1990) and Till Dumke (b. 1989). They both grew up in Berlin. Frieda received an undergraduate degree in Product Design from UdK Berlin and Tama Art University Tokyo. Till received an undergraduate degree in Area Studies from Humboldt University Berlin and Tokai University, Kanagawa.
After working long distances between Cologne and Tokyo, both are now back in their home town and fully based in Berlin.

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