Stephen Kent I We Become What We Behold, 2018


For HOT MESS, Stephen Kent will be exhibiting works from his series “We Become What We Behold”. Kent has created 3 bean bag chairs created from old paintings which hold dark, heavy ceramic orbs.  The viewer engages with the work by laying in the bean bags, and holding the orbs upon them, invoking the heaviness of trance within altered states of consciousness, while literally placing themselves within contemporary painting tropes. 

In his ceramics and mosaics, Kent demonstrates his engagement with psychedelic culture. He works with found imagery and design originally intended for domestic consumption and amplifies its strange and disorientating possibilities with his meticulous and invested craft processes. Kent explores cultural codes that can be found embedded in everyday objects and scenarios. With a medium-reflexive approach, he uses a process-oriented language to humorously investigate the stuff our world is made of. 


Stephen Kent, *1985, in Pennsylvania, USA, lives and works in Berlin. He received his master’s in Ceramics and Painting at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit. Stephen has recently exhibited at Haverkampf Galerie,  Brücke Museum, Spaced Out Gut Kerkow, and Elephant Kunsthalle Norway. He is currently represented by Haverkampf Galerie, Berlin.

Acrylic on linen, glazed ceramics, buttons

Dimensions variable



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