Stefanie Egedy I BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.) 1.0, 2021


For HOT MESS, Stefanie Egedy will create a site-specific installation using a QSC KSUB subwoofer that speaks analog and digital sub-bass sound waves.

B.A.S. is an ongoing investigation of the possible interactions between sub-bass, infrasound, bodies, and subwoofers. Throughout organized sub-bass and infrasound frequencies spoke by subwoofers, Stefaine Egedy explores how this particular frequency range communicates with multiple types of bodies – not only human bodies, but also structural aspects of the space where the installation is presented, informing correlations between sound and constructional features. How interactions with sub-bass, infrasound, and subwoofers offer new possibilities in creating and experiencing realities? 


Stefanie Egedy (b.1996) is a sound worker, whose practice evolves around sound. Her motto is sub-bass, bass sounds, subwoofers, and their capacity to reveal themselves as present in a space. Egedy articulates the cross-over between sonorous and musical language to investigate communication between beings. 

B.A in Philosophy (2019) and B.A in Public Administration (2018).

Sub-bass and subwoofer installation

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