Philip Topolovac | Mapping, 2009


For HOT MESS, In the series ‘Mappings’, Topolovac explores the topic of landscape and the identity of place. Social definitions about borders and property as well as the theme of local habits and identity are the main concern in this group of works. They are composed of moulds of ground and piles of earth, which were taken from anonymous places.

Being casts they could be used to reproduce the surface they have imprinted. Transported into the white cube they claim a representation they cannot fulfill. They do not describe a certain place but the ideas and questions connected to the concept of „place“ in general.


Philip Topolovac (b.1979) works and lives in Berlin, where he studied fine arts and sculpture at UdK and graduated in 2008. In his sculptures, photographs and installations he scrutinises the conditions of estrangement in contemporary society as a result of technological progress and historical developments.

Fibreglass, resin, nuts and bolts

5 x 5 m

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