Oona Calx | Fulcrum Rover, Tripping Over, 2021


For HOT MESS, Fulcrum Rover, Tripping Over is a piece developed through a collaborative long distance relationship. Participating in the first Hot Mess in 2020 Daniella Mooney presented a series of two movable sculptures as portable spaces and performative props.

For Hot Mess 2 Daniella is joined by long-time collaborator and artist Anna van der Ploeg, working together as their shared identity oona calx. Drawing from the initial concept of movement, momentum and resourcefulness, as Oona Calx they advance these ideas by merging their practices and skill sets.

Carved bendable ply surfaces flow and twist as sculptural forms in continual motion. These forms and shapes are held and transported by rovers in mid-tip. The movable spaces, now rovers, are suspended in flux having found their fulcrum, and stay here a while. This extended moment is the culmination of a relationship in particles, an inextricable tension and movement over distance. Negotiating attractive forces; push, pull, and the weight of space over time, are elements in constant play through this particular piece as well as the extended her works.


Oona Calx has been working on various projects since 2018 both in South Africa and Namibia. It is a collaboration between two South African artists with a shared interest in combining a mutual love of rock-infused landscapes with the personally and physically empowering practice of sculpture and printmaking. Calx realizes her multi-disciplinary practice through producing site-specific installations, paintings, sculptures and other media. The process emerges from friendship and an affinity for intuiting natural surroundings through sensing stones and the desire to commune with them. It is a moving entity and a bridge with a fountain in the middle, gaining knowledge and experience by perceiving and quietly observing. As calx develops her practice she aims for this process of walking, feeling and making, to be one that connects all forms of natural spaces, interprets them with two minds, and responds with four hands.

Found trolley, acrylic on bending ply, mixed wood and found stone

Dimensions variable

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