Odey Curbelo Urquijo | Estudios orgánicos, 2016 + El Poeta Vegetal, 2016


For HOT MESS, Odey Curbelo Urquijo will be exhibiting two large watercolour paintings. Odey describes his practice as follows: 

“The unpredictable, the uncharted, chance and improvisation, those are the subjects I feel attracted to and that motivate me to make art. The unknown is the richest territory for me to explore as an artist. Painting is the act of inviting apparitions into my realm. Using a variety of techniques and methods learned through years of training, painting is now my tool to open up to other areas of my consciousness. While painting, I am invoking the unexpected to come, the thrill of the self-surprise, keeping me going from one to the next. It’s about trying to grasp images that are lurking in my subconscious. My work is a constant search for ways to make poetic visions manifest on surfaces.”


Odey Curbelo Urquijo (born 1976 in Cienfuegos, Cuba). Lives and works in Havana and Berlin.

Watercolour on paper

205 x 111 cm

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