Nils Blau Schneitz | Fetisso, 2020


For HOT MESS, Nils Blau Schneitz is exhibiting a series of ceramic objects that fetishize nature. “Fetisso”, a term referring to the charm or enchantment of seemingly mundane objects, is the root of what we now call “fetish”. Sticks, stones and even bones can be regarded as objects of deeply seeded, religious-like power and valued for their own sake more than any sort of symbolic or relational qualities. Fetisso I and II play with this idea, breaking down haptic shapes and surface qualities of trees, turning them into (un-)recognizable forms attracting viewers based on their aesthetic quality alone. The works play with the relatability and attraction to everyday objects found in nature. 


Nils Blau Schneitz (b. 1994) is a visual artist currently living in Berlin. Studying at the University of Arts Berlin under Karsten Konrad, his work revolves around the dichotomy of the ecosphere within an anthropocentric system. His artistic process is formulated almost exclusively through the materiality of ceramics.

Ceramics with ashglaze

180 x 20 x 20 cm (x2)

3.150,- €

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