Massimiliano Rossetto I Naturalia, 2021


For HOT MESS, Massimiliano Rossetto will be exhibiting two photographs from his long-term project titled “Naturalia”. Rossetto’s practice concentrates on spaces or objects that have been built, destroyed, or altered as a result of human activity. The project “Naturalia”, started to shape in 2017 after his move to Berlin from a small village in Switzerland. He began to seek nature in his everyday life by collecting elements that reminded him of the nature that was present in his hometown. He described his work as an honest geological portrait of what he sees, feels and physical experiences. 

Massimiliano Rossetto (b. 1993) is a Swiss-Italian visual artist. In 2016, he graduated with a BA in Contemporary Photography from BLOO in Lyon (France). In 2020, he was awarded with the first prize for the 24. vfg Swiss Young Talent Award for Photography. He lives and works between Berlin and Zurich.        

Inkjet print, metal frame

100 x 70 cm


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