Mark Walker | Allforabit, 2020


For HOT MESS, Mark Walker will be exhibiting “Allforabit” – hair-like metal shavings that cling to confused letters. Once magnetised, the scrap metal shavings take on a light and fuzzy character, giving life to the dull deadweight material and simultaneously altering the symbol it clings to. Mark’s inquisitive practice scrutinizes how objects can give form to poetics, humour and faults. He aims to discover and understand the qualities of objects and materials through experience, empirical research and confrontation.


Mark Walker (UK, 1988) is an artist currently located in Berlin. He graduated from the UAL Camberwell with a 1st class BA in painting and the Staedelschule, sculpture class with a Meisterschule. 

Steel shavings & magnets

Dimensions variable 

300,- €

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