Maria Sécio | Wednesday, 2021


For HOT MESS, Maria Sécio will be exhibiting two works printed on fabric that contrast each other spatially and materially. Corporeal figures blend with what surrounds them, becoming like wallpaper or pushed by the wind like wheat fields. These ephemeral moments parallel one another, whilst ‘Wednesday’ takes place indoors where we are asked to remain, a lighter yet obfuscating atmosphere resonates. ‘Scarecrow’, on the other hand, takes us outside where the air is more dense and stuffy. Applied into the current turn of confinement, this duality speaks of underlying anxiety here translated as an abstract pattern of figures and spaces.


Maria Sécio (b. 1994) is a visual artist currently living in Berlin member of the Berlin-based art group <3 (below_three). Originally from Lisbon, she graduated in 2017 from Arts University Bournemouth with a BA in Fine Art Photography and a Higher Education Diploma in Film Production. 

Inkjet on silk satin

190 x 140 cm

880,- €

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