Mara Fortunatović | Electra, 2021


For HOT MESS, Mara Fortunatović shows macramé sculptures made of electrical wires, headphones or phone chargers. These pieces are meant to be sources of energy for others, to be plugged into other artists’ works or to give power to visitors of the exhibition. 

These hanging white cables made of nodes give off an invisible magnetic field. 

They are meant to be generous. 

They reflect the idea of vibrations and intensities that we can find in our relationships of affection. 

They speak of our links, our connections with each other, perhaps also of something carnal. 

They are questionning what’s given and what’s received in our interactions. 

And thus evoke the imbrications, the tensions between people just like the electrical vocabulary can be use through expressions like “blow of fuse”, “electrical tension”, “magnetic susceptibility”, “electricity in the air”, “lightning strike” etc.


Mara Fortunatović (b.1987) is a French-Croatian visual artist that lives and works between Paris and Berlin. She graduated 2013 at Beaux-arts de Paris and studied at UDK berlin for a year (2012). 

Her work explores the tension between materiality and immateriality, gesture and non-gesture, visible and invisible, a tension that creates a shadow of a doubt, and demands a certain attention from the viewer.



Electric cables, plugs

Dimensions variable

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