Maness | Jarritos Tamarindo, 2021


For HOT MESS, Maness will be presenting a series of olfactive plaques based on four of the main flavors of the Mexican soft drink Jarritos (little jugs). The plaques orange/mandarin, yellow/lemon, brown/tamarind, and pink/guava, were developed in a process of mixing the flavored sodas with plaster, thereby embedding the scent of each drink into the works, and finally submerging them in a water-based pigment for twenty-four hours. With these works, Maness presents a play on form and its possibilities of holding liquids through material and absorption, analyzing how mass-produced items can manipulate our lexicon and cultural identity.


Maness (b. 1988) is an artist and musician currently living in Berlin. Mexican, he graduated in 2015 from the ENPEG ‘La Esmeralda’ in Mexico City, with a BA in Fine Art.

Plaster, soda and ink

42 x 32 x 2 cm


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