Luca Longagnani | Rahmen (zu entsoergen), 2019


For HOT MESS, Luca Longagnani will be exhibiting a selection of four watercolors referencing core elements of his artistic practice. Longagnani’s focused exploration of infrastructures and anatomies, or abstracted details thereof, reveals the potential eroticism implicit in nonhuman and human form. The work titles further underline the private, diary-like meaning attached to this image-production, already implicit in the use of watercolors. And yet, the sensuous rendering of the subject matter also strikes a broader chord. It emphasizes our attraction to certain shapes surrounding us – prompting us to wonder how desire moves between bodies. – Maria Bremer


Luca Longagnani (b. 1986) is an artist and architect currently living in Berlin. Italian, he obtained an architecture education between Milan and Potsdam. Since 2019, he has been experimenting with watercolors.

Watercolour on paper

31,5 x 32,5 cm


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