Lexia Hachtmann | Gelber Ball, 2021


For HOT MESS, Lexia Hachtmann is interested in letting narratives unfold on and in-between the work and the space. On the canvas Hachtmann uses gestures, objects and idioms to provoke associations that conjure universal narratives. For HOT MESS she is presenting four paintings that implore topics of isolation, game, interior, game, eroticism and play. The works are spread out in the space and invite the viewer to search, connect and stumble upon.


Lexia Hachtmann (b.1993 in Berlin) completed her Art and Design Foundation Diploma 2013 in Brighton and returned to Berlin to continue her studies in Fine Art Painting at Universität der Künste Berlin. Here, she will complete her final degree in the painting class of Prof. Mark Lammert in July 2021.

Lexia Hachtmann lives and works in Berlin.

Acrylic and oil on canvas

250 x 150 cm

3.200,- €

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