Heyon Han | CAN-DO-SEE Blues_No news is still a news, 2021


For HOT MESS, Heyon Han will present a sculpture made recently whilst researching the Asian financial crisis of 1997, specifically in South Korea, known as the “IMF crisis”. 

The work investigates the way in which the government attempted to protect the public from the crisis by simultaneously censoring news content and advertising Korea’s growing GDP and international reputation as one of Four Asian Dragons(or -Tigers) in effect delaying the response and worsening the crisis. 

In parallel, the government applied a similar approach when the Youth Protection Act was set into place that same year. The Act was intended to protect the youth from black-market comics being imported from Japan that contained inappropriate Japanese cultural content, Japan being Korea’s ex colonizer. Furthermore, the violence and sex depicted in the comics was considered to be harmful for teenagers and believed widely to be the reason for teens’ violent behaviour.

Heyon Han’s work attempts to bring into sculpture this very speculation of comic becomes news and news becomes comic. 


Heyon Han (b.1985, Busan, South Korea) studied at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea and at Akademie der bildende Künste in Nürnberg. She is currently part of Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Projekt.

Mixed media

Dimensions variable

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