Gabriela Lesmes López I Marcelle, 2018


For HOT MESS Gabriela Lesmes López presents 17 Playboy magazines that have been hand- cut page by page with the shape of a human skeleton and placed around a room in a way that the skeleton has been deconstructed. Troubled by gender Marcelle questions and infringes those A4 walls. Marcelle’s body is a skeleton not because Marcelle had to be, but because Marcelle chose to be. Marcelle took the deliberate decision of not choosing the idea of a gender, or a sex, or the other… almost like an identity ghost.


Marcelle separates from the perimeters that language has with a pose; this way giving the whole body to break those structures… nonetheless Marcelle is still puzzled by if is actually cutting or highlighting those semiotical exclusions.



Dimensions variable.

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