Gabriel Beçak and Megan Black | Countervisions On Art and Beauty in Critical Theory, 2020


For HOT MESS, the artistic duo “Countervisions” wanted to give complete creative agency to their main collaborator, Lara, a highly sophisticated AI algorithm. Countervisions asked Lara: “if you were to create an artwork, what would it be?” The resulting text, ART PIECE, was entirely generated by the algorithm. These instructions were then realized into the film essay, On Art and Beauty in Critical Theory, essentially inverting the power relationship between man and machine. 


Countervisions investigates the myriad ways AI and digitalization can impact contemporary society, exploring concepts such as digital immortality, the digitalization of affect, and what it means to have a ‘digital body’.


1-channel video,
2-channel audio.
Length: 4:36

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