Fabian Anselm Orasch | Moonshiners, 2020


For HOT MESS Fabian Anselm Orasch will be exhibiting three works whose form and content originate from collected impressions of everyday life and the application of aesthetic and functional principles from architecture, science and nature.The artistic creative process of Fabian Anselm Orasch begins with the materiality of things. It is not only in art that the shape of things goes beyond questions of functionality, as if every material, every surface, every form already had a life of its own.


Fabian Anselm Orasch (*1981 in Berlin) studied philosophy and art history at the FU Berlin from 2003 – 08, then from 2008 – 14 sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe.


Concrete, pigment, stainless steel, light sources, brass.

130 x 108 x 30 cm

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