Dora Durkesac | Soft Spoken, 2021


For Hot Mess, Dora Durkesac exhibits “Soft Spoken” poems and sounds. Circulating poems are marking the viewer’s personal space on the floor as a space for energy accumulation and protection. Created through writing rituals and personal observations, they are capturing the cyclical rhythms, transformation, and energetic states found in human / nature. They reflect the power and difficulty of stillness and the therapeutic potential of digital sound. Through reading, listening, and whispering they slowly become spells for embracing the cycles of pleasures and discomforts, which once accepted, bring out magic qualities of unfinished and constantly changing. 

The soundscape is made in collaboration with Viktor Kučalo.

The work is part of the ‘Body Riddles’ series exploring the body as an archive of cultural, and social contaminations, and as a field of sensations with a transformative potential. That potential can be found while connecting to nature, dreams, subconscious – in the intelligence of the body. 


Dora Đurkesac is a Berlin-based artist working in the fields of design, contemporary dance, and new media art. Her work involves interdisciplinary approaches to exploring notions of social choreographies, embodied technological phenomena, and relations to nature. She often works collaboratively with other artists and researchers or creates temporary exploratory communities. 

Installation, floor projection, speakers

Size Variable.

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