Daniela Macé-Rossiter | After Midnight #9, 2018


For HOT MESS, Daniela Macé-Rossiter presents the « After Midnight » series. It is now 2 minutes to midnight : the Atomic Scientists (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, january 2018) moved the Doomsday clock ahead 30 seconds, the closest we’ve been to midnight since 1953. « After Midnight » is the proposition of a magnetic bug, a distortion of physical laws. What will happen after midnight?


Daniela Macé-Rossiter (*1986 in Paris, France) is a french-venezuelian artist. She holds a BA from the ENSA Paris-Cergy (2006) and a MA in Fine Arts from the KH Berlin-Weissensee (2012). Her work articulates around photography through a process of mise en abyme and stratification of the medium image, exploring its corporality through different mediums. Fabric and embroidery have become essential components of her plastic research, allowing her to work the images on different levels of materialization. Moving from one medium to another, as one would move from one physical state of matter to another, is a way of exploding the image in a moment of transformation, as if it were also a biological matter. She lives and works in Berlin.

Digital print on silk canvas

130 x 72 cm

1.060,- €

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