Artist on the Moon I Shadow I, 2020


For HOT MESS, Artist on the Moon will be exhibiting the latest developments of the Artist on the Moon project, extending her ongoing engagement and examination of ‘The Missing Rock’, an object that was brought from the moon to the earth by Neil Armstrong in 1969. Initiated through ritual in Mexico City in 2019, the series tracks the process of searching for, discovering and then returning the object to lunar soil, during the project’s closing performance on the moon’s surface, which is Artist on the Moon’s fundamental objective. This act of restoration will reverse the colonial law of motion, rerouting the patriarchal gaze with which science regards space.


The Point Is the Moon and this is the Rock is a series of still images that capture Artist on the Moon’s performance-based practice, invoking nature, animation and the transcendental motion of mind departing body. The piece forms a prologue to the Missing Rock’s forthcoming exposition as a physical exhibit.



Photo, ink on paper.

17 x 26 cm


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