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Adrian Lohmüller, Ahmet Öhgüt, Ahu Dural, Alicja Kwade, Allistair Walter, Amélié Riech, Anna Slobodnik, Artist on the Moon, Astvaldur, Baldassarre Mario, Berenice Güttler, Cheonghye Sophia, Colette Vermeulen, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Dareos Khalili, Dora Durkesac, Dorothee Diebold, Douglas Auersperg, Ed Gill, Fabian Anselm Orasch, Franziska Harnisch, Fred Thackeray-Vincent, Gabriel Beçak, Gabriela Lesmes López, Gawie Joubert, Gregor Hildebrandt, Heyon Han, Jakub Kubica, Jan Kohlby, Johannes Schön, Julia Grybos & Barbora Zentková, Julian Simon, Katharina Trudzinski, Keegan Luttrell, Lexia Hachtmann, Lovro Artuković, Luca Longagnani, Maness, Maria Secio, Mark Walker, Mara Fortunatović, Markus Gley, Massimiliano Rossetto, Mehtap Baydu, Michelle Chen, Nicoleta Auersperg, Nils Blau, Odey Curbelo, oona calx, Pätzug / Hertweck, Philip Topolovac, Roger Eberhard, Salvatore Siciliano, Super Model Services 3D, Satoko Kako, Sebastian Körbs, Sophie Erlund, Stefanie Egedy, Stephanie Cedeño, Stephen Kent, V3 & Humatic, Yolandé Gouws, Yvonne Adreini

HOT MESS is an exhibition series focused on Berlin creative talent, bringing together a mix of established, emerging and young artists.

For the second edition of HOT MESS, 50+ Berlin-based artists converge in ex-Deutsche Bahn halls, now Nåpoleon Komplex, to exhibit their individual creative output related to the world and times we are living in.

A deliberately open topic, the show is intended to be a ​HOT MESS of creativity, presenting diverse art mediums, narratives, opinions, points of view, explorations, argumentations, feelings, insights and questions.

Lexia HachtmannIn bed with socks, 2021Tempera on linen30 x 24 cm

Tickets Please note: Tickets are sold in 30 minute slots only to prevent queuing. The visiting time is not restricted.

The exhibition is an artists-run event, organised by Yolandé Gouws and co-curated with Vanja Zanko.For enquiries or press, please write to